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Welcome to Posner Law

Image of Gabriel Posner

I am an attorney with a focus on plaintiff side civil litigation.  I enjoy complex and challenging cases, where a thoughtful lawyer can make a difference.  I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2004, and worked for several years at large firms in New York and Tel Aviv.  I was fortunate to learn from top lawyers in their fields. 

In 2014, I established my own law practice.  I have litigated claims in a wide variety of areas, including commercial and investment arrangements, products liability, consumer protection, and ERISA.  I do not specialize in  one area of law.  In any case I take, I believe in the client and their claim. 

A great way to see how I think and write about legal issues is to read my blog on this website.  The posts are all written by me.

I am easy to reach, and my initial consultations are always free.  If you are looking for a thoughtful lawyer, please give me a call or send me an email.  I would be pleased to speak with you.* 

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